Dear Valued Customers,

We are excited to announce that Mabu Cafe Canada will soon be relocating to new premises. Our current location will remain open until πŸ“…July 23rd (Sunday). We deeply appreciate your support throughout our journey, and are committed to maintaining our high-quality service at our new locations. To stay updated on our latest news and announcements, kindly continue following our official website. We can’t wait to serve you at our new locations in Mississauga, Downtown Toronto, and Markham. πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ₯³πŸŽ‰

New Locations:
Mabu Cafe (First Markham Place) August 2023
Mabu Cafe (Mississauga) September 2023
Mabu Cafe (Downtown Toronto) coming soon

Our Story

To be a trendy and popular destination for food lovers

We Are Part of

Mabu Cafe is a trendy Hong Kong Style cafe restaurant that features popular classic HK Cafe foods and drinks. It is located in Toronto and will soon be opened in NYC as well. With our nostalgic interior, friendly staff, and good food, Mabu Cafe is the perfect place to enjoy an atmosphere that is perfect for quick meals before grocery shopping and spontaneous gatherings with friends and family.

We aim to share our experiences of Hong Kong ‘chaa chang teng’ within our communities and abroad. Our adaptation of this cuisine provides an outlet for people that want a fun and fast-paced environment to get their taste buds and day moving. Popular amongst kids and adults alike, we strive to bring families and friends together with our fun and delicious food and drinks.

We have taken everything we’ve learned from our sister restaurants at Mabu Station and Mabu Generation to create the Mabu Cafe experience. As a team, we continue to learn, adapt, and grow so that we may continue to share what we love most β€” tasty food.

Work With Us

We are passionate about developing the Mabu Cafe brand into a successful operation. The #MabuFamily brand can only thrive if our individual franchises, employees, and business partners succeed. We will help build a strong foundation and provide guidance along the way so that you can operate your business efficiently. We have a proven track record of success and we’re ready to help you achieve it too!

You may be a good fit if you believe the following:

People First

Our team is crucial to our success, and we value the contributions of everyone. We uphold ourselves to high work standards and we treat each other with respect and compassion.

Why We Do

Our goal is to deepen our connections with customers by delivering excellent food, services, and experiences. Our mission is to introduce the Hong Kong vibes to the world through our cafes.

Grow Together

We are committed to building people capability, create an inclusive culture, and offer an opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the success of something bigger.

If that is you and you want to be part of our #MabuFamily, please contact us.